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Vendors adding Covid charges

Shutterfly is now adding a Covid charge to orders since their costs have increased because of the virus.   I haven’t noticed this with other vendors; however, they may be raising the price of their products instead. Has anyone noticed other vendors doing this?  

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

Paula Young Wigs has added a Covid charge.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

I haven’t shopped so much for things in months, but I have been seeing services costing more and some of the increases are Covid related.  For example,  my hair stylist increased by $10 for my monthly color, cut, and blowout, Covid to blame because he is seeing fewer clients and spending more on sanitizing.   Even so, he’s not sure the salon will survive.


my dentist visit also cost $10 more than a year ago and my Internet/tv bill increased just about $4/month.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

Cost of everything has gone up.  


Unfortunately so many are out of work making this situation so much worse.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

I just received notice that my water bill was going up too, and if I can remember correctly, the same for electricity.  Unfortunately, I think it's going to be most companies increasing rates, with all the mandatory time off allowances for employees, overtime that is being incurred due to staff shortages, and PPE items that are now required.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

just another covid scam. most of these places i.e. hair salons, dentists, etc. should have been sanitizing anyway.
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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

@willomenia  ITA!   What were they doing before???  I also feel that restaurant workers should have always been wearing a mask as they stand over your table and meal asking how your food is?!   Sorry but I spent my entire career where disinfecting was routine so I have always had issues with certain things.  I am in no way downplaying Covid and the people who are hurting and unemployed but I do think that when times were really rolling along ALL of these businesses should have been saving for a rainy day, perhaps they wouldn't find themselves in their current situations.  JMO, I'm old school.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

It is for this reason that I left one dentist to go to another.

The first dentist added an extra surcharge of 20-25 dollars per visit to the bill for PPE and C-19 charges. 
The dentist I now go to feels that dentist should have always been as careful as possible.

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

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My heart goes out to everyone during this extraordinary difficult year and I have no complaints whatsoever to all those who are struggling to hold onto their livelihood and businesses...I find myself giving extra and thanking everyone for their services just to show my appreciation and support.


They are just doing all they can to provide their services to us in as healthy and as sanitized an environment that they possibly can for us and for themselves...If they run a little higher, than so be it...It must be exhausting! 


I just want us all to get through this together and be okay no matter what that takes!

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Re: Vendors adding Covid charges

The price of everything has gone up. My 98 year old mother is appalled. Her fixed income and her Depression experience have made her count every penny. My expenses have boiled down to gifts for my kids and grandkids, my utilities, and my medical bills. Life has become rather confined during Covid. I'm too afraid to venture out and change the routine I adopted last March.