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According to her facebook, Valerie will be in studio for her fall shows on August 14. Can't wait!

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@fingerlakesny  That will be a great change! Also, she is going to post pics on Friday. Here's her post:


Mark your calendars! I will be back in the QVC studios for our House to Home Harvest Edition shows on Sunday, August 14th. We will have something special at midnight and shows throughout the day! We will post our Sneak Peek Album on Friday, August 12th.

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Oh, so glad to hear this news! Valerie was one of the ones I missed most not being in studio, although I do think she did an excellent job remotely. I look forward to seeing her. 


I also wish Laura Geller could be back in studio, too, especially because sometimes her Skype is off and her words and mouth are out of sync. But I can understand why that's not practical when she's only presenting a single product here and there. Hopefully she will have an hour show soon and be back in person, too.


Thank you, @fingerlakesny.  

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