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@ADELINE, could the vendor you are thinking of be: J.J. Peng?

I liked his work and purchased a number of lamps.

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@sharke wrote:









Beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!

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I have a number of Tiffany reproductions in my house.   A friend's daughter asked me if I was planning to open a restaurant..................

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Is that the one with the double lamps on either side of the stained glas vase?


I bought that one and just LOVE it- so beautiful.

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Evine sells Tiffany style lamps.

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I bought one from QVC many years ago; it is on the dresser in my bedroom..I think it is called waterlily; two chain chain will no longer pull down... The lamp is high quality though and very heavy. I don't think the Tiffany-style lamps are considered in style right now so doubt we will see them again on air. 

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I remember buying many of them from a vendor that I don't remember the name.  I love the style so  I have one in each room, literally, in my house.  They fit my decor and just fit my lifestyle.