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I use it more than I did in the past, I don't know why but I think it's very easy to check Easy Pays.  You can view by month and you can pay them early or pay them off anytime you want to.  I do that a lot.  You can pay them online or pay them through c.s.  

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No. I hate making payments and owing moey.

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I rarely use it unless the purchase is something big and/or electronic. I like to pay bills in full so that I have no surprises. I also do not like paying for items that I have had for three or four months already.  I am retired, and I live on a fixed income. So, except for meds, I try not to create any bills.  

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Watching a presentation where the host says "you can get this home for less than $10" is misleading, which is a form of deception.


I've done a double-take more than once when I've heard it thinking, wow that's a good deal until I realize they are talking about Easy Pay.


I've been on that carousel and my goal in 2018 is to get off and stay off.


Debt is debt, there is no way around it and no amount of Easy Pay makes it NOT debt.

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@twins mom wrote:
Personally I am finding it so confusing to check on charges when I use easy pay. It is a convenience in one side but extra time consuming on other. I think I would like to confine to those items of larger dollar amounts only so I can easily reconcile. Any thoughts?

@Twins Mom

My feelings are that if you use easy pay often, your purchase amounts will sky rocket pretty fast.  I only use easy pay for big ticket items!

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We use easy pay and we don't use easy pay. Just got our new bill recently and kind of regret using easy pay on some of the things this Christmas. lol..


DH isn't concerned but I am and probably wont be buying anything on Q for a few months. (He works I no longer do and I tend to be more concerned with budgeting. I don't blow money another words, never did even when I worked). So easy pay can be good and it can be bad, depending I guess.


But this year is the most we shopped on QVC at Christmas and am very happy with everything, so I cant complain. 

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