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I am glad she is getting better, and I wish you all the very best. Take care of yourself, John.Cat Happy



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So glad to hear your wife is doing well.   You and your wife seem like such nice people and a wonderful couple.  You always post such informative threads and try to help everyone.   So many wonderful people on this forum and you are one of them John!  Reva

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Sorry she needed another surgery, but I'm glad she's doing better now.

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Sending wishes for your wife's full & speedy recovery!

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Glad to see your update.  Prayers for a speedy recovery!  

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Re: Update on my Wife

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Hope Cindy feels better today.   You and Cindy have gone through a lot of tough times.  Here's hoping things are looking up.   Bet that fur family was happy to see you and wondering what you did with their Mom.