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I hope she has a speedy recovery and her caretakers (you and the cats) take good care of her and enjoy getting her HOME where she belongs!  Then all of you can curl up for a GOOD nap!

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Wishing you and Cindy the best and the furry babies.


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I'm sorry to hear tha that torsion of Cindy's small intestine brought her once again into surgery.  My word, no wonder your poor wife has been in such pain and agony during these occurrences.


I pray that with the modifications of which you spoke, Cindy will be able to turn this situation around and live a life that will allow her to enjoy you, your cat family and her boxer friends.


(And you know, as others have said, that you need to take care of yourself through these challenges.)



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@hckynutjohn wrote:



For those that wish to know how things went for my wife today.


Took her in for what her Bariatric doctor called Exploratory Surgery. In my other 2 threads about my wife I told about the problems she has had with her small intestine being blocked and twisted.


Her doctor was able to do this surgery laparoscopically via 4 incisions. He found twists in her intestine once again(some refer to this as a hernia) and did the necessary procedure to fix the problems.


He explained to me, since this is her 4th surgery, for this or similar surgeries, what is probably the cause of this. In June of 2008 she had a Roux-en-Y surgery(also known also as Gastric Bypass), and a small number of patients have a problem with this because of the length of the re-routed small intestine. The longer it is the more prone they are for these types of problems.


This is not genetic or anything like that, it is just a medical fact that everyone's small intestines and colon are not formed exactly the same. We have a couple things involving a few things she eats along with how she goes about eating and drinking fluid at the same time. Will talk more with her doctor when I see him tomorrow at the hospital.


She had this in the late morning and the surgery itself took about 80 minutes, but then there is the hours being prepped for any type of procedure. Seems like they have more and more "regulations" every time one of us goes in for an invasive procedure. Some I see as completely unnecessary and time consuming with little to no purpose.


Not sure how long she will be in the hospital, but it doesn't sound like more than 2 days maximum, and I sure hope it turns out that way. Been through enough things of my own to know that things do not always work out that way as problems sometimes occur a day or more after the surgery or procedure. Been that route 3 times when I thought I was going home.


She was doing well when I left the hospital and not in too much pain. They prescribed some Hydrocodone if the pain gets to bad, but she doesn't like to take them much more than I do, and I refuse to take any Opiates for any level of pain.


Thanks to everyone that was/is concerned about her well being, and mine, as it is greatly appreciated by my wife and myself. Now to get to work with our very big furry family. Been gone all day and they are much in need of attention and other necessities.


Thank you all so much,







John, thank you so much for the update on Cindy!  I was just thinking about her and wondering how she was doing and saw your update!  I'm so glad they've gotten a handle on her problems and have tried to correct them.  It sounds very painful.  The preps are really hard on her, I bet.  I'm sure she is just waiting to get the heck out of the hospital and get home to her furry friends--who will certainly be glad to see her!!  Take care of yourself, friend!

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John, thanks for taking the time to give us an update. I checked in several times today to see if you had posted. I am so happy to hear that the doctor was able to make the necessary repairs and knows the cause. 

Get a good rest.  henny

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Thanks for the update John. Blessings to you both.

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Yes, thanks for the update John. So glad that Cindy is doing better now. Still wishing you both best wishes.

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Sounds like you guys have really been through the wringer. Hopefully you're on the upswing now.


Get well

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Prayers going out for you and Cindy, John. K

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John, am delighted Cindy is doing better - what great news. And thank you for taking the time to update us - much appreciated!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!