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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

@Dinaki wrote:

@Nananana59 Yes I do, my niece is taking care of the house. She pays the utility bills also, In fact today the electric bill arrived and it was 56 Euros.


Now that you mentioned that, I really wished I had security cameras so I could check the surroundings from here.


I thank you for remembering me though @Nananana59 , that feels good to me!

dinaki....i'm we have similar favorite foods!  i miss my mother's cooking!

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation



Wishing you and your family well.

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

@Dulwich Wow, very sad to read this, and what you & your family are dealing with. 

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

Just stay safe. Things, precious as they are, can always be replaced. Wishing you and yours well.

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

Oh my gosh, Dulwich, I'm glad you and your family are safe.  How frightening.  I can't even imagine.


I was in L.A. two years ago during those devastated fires.  We were in Santa Monica and could see the smoke.  


Keeping you in my thoughts.

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

Sending wishes for all of the lucky stars in the Universe to protect you, your families and friends, neighbors, pets, and animals, property.  





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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

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@Dulwich wrote:

Sat ready to go until 4 a.m. then we got the message to leave.


We are fortunate in that we have a beach house - which was due to be rented out tomorrow- called our letting agents told them yesterday to cancel booking re fire evacuation - they charged us $2,500 fee as they have to find new accommodation for renters.


However we are all here 8 adults, 2 children 5 dogs 4 cats and all very tired, but safe.


Went back to house today to stop mail and everywhere Smokey and very sad looking Safeway’s parking lot full of R.V’s and tents in the park.


 People all helping each other though and the animal services have been exceptional - one lady had 150 animals to get moved.  Our 3 fires have combined into one nit sure how long before we can get home .  Worried about looters as already couple homes already been broken into.


Anyway we are all safe just very sad and to be honest devastated.  Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers it helps.

Shoekitty said,  @Dulwich  I am over the hill and want to ask...which fire is effecting you?  I seem to find little specifics and info.  Yes, we have been covered in haze, smoke and ashes for days.  Last night was the worst.  Ashes covered everything this morning, and the smell  of smoke filled the house.  As you know it has been super hot for days, so jot we cant open wondows until 10pm!   I feel sobad  for all those effected.  You all safe?  I hope your home is safe.  It is just so bad in this area .  My granddaughter was at my home online school this morning,( she goes to that private school in Watsonville mountains) . the students are from all over area   But classes are online   She  said in te middle of the morning class a student dismissed himself right away.  Said he was being evacuted!!!  He lives near Salinas.  So, is your fire, and the Salinas far, near, or same fire?    I am confused.  I cant find a map of the fires.   

take care and keep us informed!   

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

@shoekitty  No we are not Salinas.


 We are affected by the SanMateo/Boulder Creek/Santa Cruz Mountains, CA - called August Lightning fires now heading towards Felton and Scott’s Valley, CA.  At present not contained.


Hope they get a handle on it soon as lots of properties seem to be burning and around 22,000 evacuated so far.

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Re: Update on Fire evacuation

@Dulwich   Oh my I didn't realize the fire encompassed those areas.  Scary, scary.  Many homes are hidden among the trees