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Re: Update On My S*cky Weekend.

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The septic guy came about 6:30 last evening and left at 8:15.  Pumped out the tank and snaked the pipe from house to tank.  $360.00 later I have a functioning, flushing toilet.  Yeah!


Sister is coming home from hospital and my niece, the nurse, talked her into allowing visiting nurse to come to the house.  It was like pulling teeth but she agreed.  Then sis called her other DD and DH and made it sound like her own idea. Yep, the control freak. lol  As long as the nurse comes all is good.


Niece with Covid has mild symptoms so far.


Managed with no alcohol, no cigarettes, although I did let loose with a few *$^#&(  once or twice.

I let loose a few *$^#$( an hour. And my toilet works great!

I have been thinking about you today. I am so glad to hear that things are slowly working out. Don't worry about the swearing... Sometimes it helps! 😠 ❤