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This morn listening to my favorite radio station the DJ's asked what did your kids do to you to embarrass the life out of you. The listeners called in with some stories that were very cute. Some I can't tell on this post (the language the kids used-they heard from their parents-announcing to whole world an episode of something your parents wanted to keep private).


One that stands out in my mind for me is . My parents were having a gathering of friends at their house when I was maybe 2 years if that, when I toddled up to where my dad was sitting talking to someone he placed his drink on end table I drank the whole thing. I was looped, my mom said i couldn't walk, stand up without toppling over. I don't remember how much alchol was in the glass but for my age is just have been enough to make me loopy. My parents didn't take me to hospital they just put me to bed and I slept like a baby all night long.this was over 70 years ago.


there are probably other instances I embarressed the heck out of my parents or MY kids embarrassed US (my husband and myself) this was the only story I could think of for now.



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@viva923  WOW! I'm glad you were OK!  My stories involve various stages of undress and a race down the street. When I was 2 or 3 I decided to pull my dress over my head in our very straight-laced Mennonite church. Unfortunately, my Mom had forgotten to put on my underpants! 


When my two youngest children were 2  and 3, they decided to run down the sidewalk, to our friend's house, while I was using the bathroom. It was November, and they were just wearing underwear. Our friends lived on an adjoining street in the small neighborhood. When they got there, they told my  friend that "mommy went to the store." The phone started ringing, as every house on the two streets called me to describe who they had just seen run by.

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tMy middle brother did the same thing when he was about 3.  My parents were entertaining and they were drinking and and playing cards.  My mom said my brother woke up and came down stairs, he was making a fuss about going back to bed so she just let him stay up. Some reached for their drink and the glass was empty.  Then someone else commented that their glass was empty too.  To make a long story short, my little brother no one noticed that when my little brother was looking at them play cards, he guzzled their drinks. The just let him sleep it off and I believe he slept for about 12 hours.  They checked him but no one thought about alcohol poisoning or that they should call a doctor or take him to the hospital.  This was back in 1969, maybe 1970.  It's a wonder our generation survived.  My sister had a habit of spilling the beans about what was happening in our house.  My mother always scolded her for telling family business.  My parents didn't always get along and they separated briefly a couple of times.  Never long, for a month or two.  It was family business and mom didn't feel the need to make it public, she knew it was temporary.  Some of her friends were over and apparently one of them mentioned she hadn't seen my dad's car in the driveway in a while.  My mom told a little white lie, she said the car was in the shop for repairs so a co-worker took him back and forth to work.  My sister jumped right in and said "No, he left."  "He put his clothes in the big suitcase and he left and it was a long time ago".  My mother said she was so furious with my sister than she didn't feel embarrassed or humiliated  about lying or that her business was out.  She just couldn't think beyond which relative she would give my sister to. My dad came home about week or so later and my mom insisted that he park his car on the street, not in the driveway, so that the neighbors could all see that he was back.  

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When my sister was about 4 years old, we had company and they were at our house for hours.  My sister turned to my mother and loudly said "when are these people going to leave?".

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Two of my closest girl friends came with their toddlers to our home for lunch.   This was in U,K. 

My daughter - then aged 3 y.o. - decided, with help from the other two toddlers, to serve 'tea' in her tea set to us all.


We all sipped from the tiny tea cups and played along.


 Much later, after they had left I suddenly thought from  where did my daughter get the 'tea' we were drinking - asked her to show me - which she did ver proudly  - the downstairs toilet!

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@PA Mom-mom wrote:

@viva923  WOW! I'm glad you were OK!  My stories involve various stages of undress and a race down the street. When I was 2 or 3 I decided to pull my dress over my head in our very straight-laced Mennonite church. Unfortunately, my Mom had forgotten to put on my underpants! 



I still do that.Woman Tongue

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@Cakers3  Hahaha!

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Re: Unusual topic today

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My story involves me as an adult child (20) embarrassing my Dad. Mom and Dad had moved to another state when Dad's employer relocated its corporate office and I stayed behind in my hometown to set up my first apartment. My Dad was government accounts representative and an engineer, and had a long career with a leading, established HVAC company.


Dad still made trips back to the original corporate location as part of the relocation process to transfer offices and the test lab, and often flew on the corporate plane -- bringing me things from Mom or souvenirs, food, etc.


One trip Mom sent a vacuum cleaner with Dad -- she had an extra and wanted to give me her older (fancier) model. So I'm on the tarmac to greet my Dad as he deplanes while holding my new vacuum cleaner -- he appears on the top step and I yell "Hey Dad -- if the company would pay you more $ you wouldn't have to sell vacuum cleaners on the side!" My Dad started to grin but then got a funny look on his face and grimaced. The company president and CEO were immediately behind him! They thought it was pretty funny and laughed heartily. Took awhile for my Dad to see the humor, however.

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@Cakers3   So funny. LOL

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Re: Unusual topic today

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I was a precocious child and had no filter. I embarrassed them on many occasions which are still brought up occasionally.

I asked my dad’s bald friend if the wind blew his hair away


Same bald friend I asked why his car was so ugly (to be fair it was an orange yugo)

I asked a little person working behind a fast food counter why she was standing on her knees

At a dinner party where they were serving ham I refused to eat it because I didn’t eat hamsters

I was separated from them at Mount Rushmore and turned myself in that my parents were missing

My dad was having technical issues with getting something to work and was swearing at it. Later that week while the neighbors were over I said daddy, what’s a son of a *****