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So, last night, Christmas night, I was a little restless as far as sleeping went.

What did I do but watch "chick tv" as my brother calls it.

During a movie on "Lifetime Movie Network," there was a commercial completely in Spanish.

Maybe it was a mistake. However, I could not understand what even the commercial was about. They did have the words along with speaking on it, but even the words were in Spanish.

I have never come across this on other than a Spanish language channel.

Just wondering if I came by a one time possible mistake, or has this been seen on other channels?

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I've not seen it, but it doesn't surprise me. There will probably be more of the same in the future.

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there is a gelato or coffee ad with a couple arguing in Italian (with subtitles)

I love it

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Depending on where you live (and the Latino population of your area), you may start seeing more and more Spanish language commercials and hearing Spanish language ads. I'm originally from the Central FL area (which has a large Latino population). Whenever I visit family there, it is just as common to see/hear Spanish ads as it is to see/hear English ads.

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we get them A LOT here.............and we must have been watching LMN at the same time...........I know the commercial you're talking about.........never seen it before.........local stations all the time but never on any of the other stations..................................raven

We're not in Kansas anymore ToTo
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We've seen them a few times but I can't remember what shows we were watching. I don't see a problem.Smiley Happy

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