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I love Christmas, but I'm ready to put my decorations away. I will start on Sunday afternoon, and finish Monday.  

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Since January is dark and bleak we leave everything up for a week after New Year's Day. My husband put a lot of work into a festive holiday season, I hate seeing it all come down.

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We leave everything up until the three wise men arrive. Smiley LOL


Plus, we're not able to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day since my better half has to work long hours throughout the month of December and through New Year's Day. Instead, we just move our celebration to Little Christmas.


Everything will come down anytime after that. But we undecorate like we decorate -- in layers over many weeks. Since we have beautiful Balsam Hill trees that our pets love napping under, we will leave those up for a little while. We find the lights and the greenery relaxing. Our front door wreath is more winter than holiday, so it will stay up through January.


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I'm in no hurry. I didn't do much this year. It'll come down sometime after Epiphany. 

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 I didn't decorate this year just a wreath and a bow on both outdoor light fixtures. But normally when I do I"ll start the day after Christmas because I put so much stuff out. And I do a little everyday til New Years. My tree is the last thing that comes down.

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New Year's Day and not a moment before.  It is sad enough doing it then much less to take down any earlier.  

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I'm starting now...moving holiday dishes and some decor that I have done in the kitchen. It's going to be a lot of work getting boxes up from the basement, etc. but I am determined to get my kitchen back to normal!


The tree however is another major project that won't happen until next weekend.

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This subject comes up every year and always leaves me a little perplexed.


I won't start "undecorating" for a while.  I'm just starting to enjoy it after all the activity of the holiday. I can't even imagine having my NYE get together without the Christmas decorations up, and they will stay up at least a week beyond that.


I suppose it helps that my decorations are mainly "natural" elements like trees and candles so they are less Christmassy than most.


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Soon, even though the stuff has only been up about 10 days, I'm sick of it already.


I want the house back to normal so I can start getting rid of stuff that's been in closets, cabinets and drawers for years and not used or missed.


Kitchen stuff like dinnerware, glasses and mugs or cups, if I don't have 4 it's going.


Tucked away in the back of the cabinet where it's never seen, going.

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not before the 6th of january.....epiphany.

most likely it will be sometime mid january that it will begin, but it will take a few days probably.

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