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Re: USPS is the pits!!!

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Ive had problems with USPS......


I get my neighbors mail all the I play Post Office and re-deliver....


The Post Office offers free package pickup with return label during post office hours.... I sent 3 requests and they never picked it be the weather as an excuse because it was nice and sunny.  I tried calling but their phone rang and rang no one answered at either 800 or local number, so I sent an email...someone called me back on a Sunday....and the 4th time was the charm!!! Woman Frustrated


He crams clothes into the small community mailbox so everything is wrinkled, just so he wont have to check the package in at our Condo Mail Center, but a small book he will check it in---- go figure..........


I do like the Informed Delivery emails.......


I never had a problem with UPS

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@Pancho, hi!  I think it’s the UPS Surepost that’s the pits.  It is the handoff between UPS and USPS that causes the delay in my experience.  If my order ships through USPS, I’ve actually gotten it faster than even UPS.  That said, when I get the ship notification that it’s coming Surepost, I decide to upgrade or not to UPS Ground - I’ve set up an account with UPS MyChoice.  If I want it sooner than later I upgrade delivery for $3.50 and UPS delivers not USPS.  Still less than I pay for expedited shipping through Q - processing time always a problem there!  FYI, I used to live in Hawaii and UPS Surepost was a minimum 3week delivery time  from the Mainland - apparently on a slow boat to China/Hawaii.  LOL,

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The only thing that stood out to me about this thread is the OP ordered this item on the 5th and it didn't ship until the 11th?? Really? I guess I'm spoiled with real stores that ship the same day as ordered. I have no problems with my local USPS. We do so much business with them we own a busines, that they know us by name and take very good care of us. I love living rural!

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