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The 'write a review' system does not seem to be working the past few days - at least for me it is not functioning.  It won't accept  a star rating  But I wanted to comment on one QVC product I got recently.  H206808 ED candles.  I purchased two sets of four for 8 gifts.  They are beautiful, a good size (about a 6 or 8 ounce glass), the scents are all lovely, and they are boxed beautifully.

I highly recommend these for gifts.


The other product which I like a lot came from HSN - Rhonda Shear pajamas - 439306.

i bought 5 pair last year and just received two of this years colors.  They fit perfectly, wash beautifully, don't shrink, and are sooooo soft.

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Re: Two products that I like

Thank you.  :-)