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Anyone having problems ordering online?

Trying to add something to my cart and it won't go through...

A pop up says to contact CS but wanted to know if others are having a problem or if it is just me...


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@Neversaynever3dogs No, I'm not currently having this problem.  I just ordred a pair of sketchers.  I have in the past howevr and just switched to another browser.


You can try doing that or restarting your computer.

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@Neversaynever3dogs, is it possible what you want to order is no longer available in the size or color you want even though it shows as in stock?

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@Neversaynever3dogs Sometimes when there is an easy pay hung up, the website will not let you order. So check if you have any easy pays hung up (past due). Sometimes it is no fault of your own. It just didn't go thru for some reason. Happened to me once & also my mom. Heard others say it happened to them too.