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My husband decided to make a trip to


We thought he was crazy BUT he was determined to buy new bird feeders. We have had bird feeders out for several months. They were a popular place for so many different birds. Then suddenly this week, there have been no birds. 


My husband bought new bird seed. Still no birds. This morning we watched a cardinal sitting on a branch of a tree in the backyard. He was facing the bird feeders but never went to them.


So off my husband went to buy new bird feeders. We thought Walmart would be crazy. NO SO. He said he walked right up to the cashier to pay for the bird stuff. No one was in front of him. And he said another cashier announced she was open in Lane 2. He said the parking lot was not crowded.


So in case you have last minute things to buy, you might have similar luck.

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@drizzella   I was there yesterday and it was pretty crowded, which makes the lines look even longer since we are all social distancing.  I decided to use the self service lane and I got right through.


I think I'm staying in today, cleaning the house, changing the bed linens and preparing items for tomorrow.  I did place an order for bird seed today with free shipping, but it won't be here until next week, so I may head out for a (hopefully) quick stop and get some bird seed since I ran out and the birds are looking for food. 

......You look like I need a drink.....
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I went in yesterday and it was crowded as was our local Supermarket. Last minute shoppers on top of a snowstorm coming in. It rained and then turned to snow. We received a good six inches. I got what I needed and out. 

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 It could be the bird seed not the feeders. Seed from Wild Birds is fresh. Cheaper seed has types of seed birds don't like straw and millet. 

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We went to Walmart on Monday to pick up a few things for our daughter and it was pretty empty.

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@Krypto wrote:

 It could be the bird seed not the feeders. Seed from Wild Birds is fresh. Cheaper seed has types of seed birds don't like straw and millet. 

The birds liked the original bird seed until a week ago. And then they stopped eating the original bird seed. So my husband bought fresh bird seed. But none of the birds have gone to the birdfeeder in the past week.


My husband thought maybe the birdseed got wet so he emptied the bird feeders onto the ground. So we now have squirrels hanging around every day all day.

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@Krypto  Might be right.  I usually get my seed (hulless) at a store that specifically sells only bird stuff.


I've been in to buy seed and heard the owner talking to someone about how important it is to have the freshest seed.


My daughter was never a bird 'person'.  But she spent Spring and Summer with me because I broke my back.


Every morning she'd sit on the screened back porch with her cup of coffee and watch the birds flying to the various feeders.


I'd just introduced the suet feeders to the porch.  The huge woodpeckers love the suet.


She found my bird books and was excited when she was able to recognize them.


Now it's winter but as I look out my kitchen window the huge woodpecker is nibbling on the suet and the feeders are totally full of birds.


I quickly snapped a picture of the woodpecker through the screen and sent it to her.


She quickly rang me up at FaceTime.  That's one more thing that the two of us share.


You is interesting ..... so I broke my back.  The same back that I'd broken 3 vertebra when I was 18.  Painful?  You betcha.


This daughter ended up staying at my house for 6 months (she lives in Colorado).


My three girls and I have always been very close, but I'd never lived with any of them for any length of time as adults.


It took a little adjusting (on my part) but gradually we made it work.


I hope everyone has the kind of Christmas THEY want.


There are many people in this country today who've suffered immensely.  People who've lost loved one's to Covid.  People who (for the first time) have had to ask for help because they've lost their jobs.


So, tomorrow celebrate with family.  But if it's possible, even if you help one person that's one less person who will wonder if they're forgotten.


Merry Christmas.  I almost forgot to tell you guys.  So when my daughter was here, she'd sit in the TV (family room) and see me sitting and typing.


She'd often say, "Marmy, what are the QVC ladies talking about now".  I'd briefly tell her a few subjects and posts.


She's been back home for a few months now.  Just the other day we did FaceTime and she said, "Marmy (she calls me that from Little Women) are you at the computer?"


I said, "Yes, Katie I am...why?"  She started laughing and said, "Tell the QVC ladies I said Hi and Merry Christmas".


So, to all of the QVC ladies, my sweet..amazing daughter wants to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.


As for me...I'm going over to my other daughter's house tomorrow.  She and her husband have 4 wonderful children.  Three teenagers and a 7 year old.  It will be fun as it always is when I'm there.

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I used to love feeding the birds....but one day there were 4 rats out under the bird feeders😳.....bye bye bird feeders!

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

I used to love feeding the birds....but one day there were 4 rats out under the bird feeders😳.....bye bye bird feeders!

We had bird feeders out several years ago. Then we noticed that cats liked to watch the action on the bird feeders too. After finding several clumps of feathers in the yard. We took down all the bird feeders. But since we had a dog, the cats stopped hanging around our yard. So we put them back up. 

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If you look up, you may see a hawk circling and the reason the birds are no shows. I have four feeders right outside my living room windows. Hawks can't  swoop in so close to the house.


I do have a new stray cat occasionally, but if I don't see birds I go out and send it off. It doesn't take too many times for the cat to give up. I feed the strays out back, but if I find one of them at my feeders, I don't  feed them that day and tell them why. Cats are smarter then they are credited. None come near my feeders now.