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I still have and still use one of her lip pencils. It's getting short though. It's just the perfect shade and perfect consistency. Joan Rivers is the only person I have ever watched on the Q for PLEASURE. I miss her. 

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I often recall her speaking about being "Thankful that the toilet flushes. "  Strange to think of that, on occasion but I do. 

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Re: Today Joan Rivers

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Let's not forget that Joan was wisely ahead of her time when it came to germ prevention.


Because of Joan I feel very comfortable cleaning my surroundings on airplanes and in hotel rooms upon entry.   When that vicious flu hit in 2018 (remember it?), I had to travel to the West Coast.  Other than myself, the only other folks on the airplane wearing a mask were Asian.  I don't know if they were from Asia or if they wore a mask because of their knowledge of vexing viruses through the decades and concluded it was prudent to wear a mask in a crowd of strangers.   One of my fellow travelers in my row said she had looked for masks but could not find any; I offered her one, which she wore gratefully.  We and the Asians were the only ones wearing a mask on that flight.


Also, I wiped down my belt, tray, seat and buttons with Clorox or Lysol wipes.  I buy both.  I always invite the people seated with me to have some wipes, too, if they want them.  I wear vinyl gloves whild I do this cleaning.  I toss them afterward.


When I arrive at my hotel room, I wipe off my swipe card, doorknobs all over. light switches all over, chair bottoms, tabletops and bathroom surfaces and knobs.  Once again, vinyl gloves worn and then tossed.


When I saw Joan Rivers's documentary and caught sight of her routine when she enters a hotel room, I knew I would never change my habits. 


By the way, on my return flight on that particular trip, there was a young man seated at the window seat.  He pulled down his tray and slept and slobbered all over it until we got to our destination.  Yes, cleaning crews supposedly wipe down everything after passengers exit the craft, but how thorough a job do they actually do?  I will do my work as I always do... 

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Re: Today Joan Rivers

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Don’t forget the TV remote!




QVC could have charged admission to watch Kathy & Joan.

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@amyb wrote:

Aw. I bet she would have! Loved her. She is still missed, as she was ONE of a kind. ❤️

My dear mom, also no longer here, would call me up and say "Joanie's going on...let's watch. If you see something you like, buy it!!"... then we'd laugh because she'd love to say about Joan "Everything's going to be "Gawwwwgeous!!" 


Miss "Joanie", miss my mom even more...and shopping on Q "together" by phone. Smiley Happy

I surprised my mom for I think her 80th bday, got tix at the casino to see Joan...raunchy as it was (certainly not the Joan mom was used to on Q)...she still loved seeing her...she kept saying..."doesn't she look great?!" ❤️

What a sweet story thanks for sharing.  Joan and Lisa Robertson could get into some trouble when they were together. Those were fun times on the Q !!!  Miss those days.

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You couldn't beat Joan and Kathy Levine together. Such a hoot. But she and Lisa were fun too.
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@amyb wrote:

@golding76 wrote:

Joan was one-of-a-kind.


As I"ve always written, watching Joan give her presentations on QVC was a singular delight.  She produced some items of great quality, and her free comedy act was priceless.


May she rest in peace.

Well said~so true!

Very well said. 

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Joan Rivers was indeed one of a kind, we lost her way too soon.  I still have the very well made Lady Birds Bracelet and Earrings set she sold on QVC.  I will always be grateful for the laughs, she entertained so many of us. 

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