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Okay, this is kind of a silly question, but here goes.  I bought a toaster on line, a major brand, fairly expensive (don't want to mention brand) because I'm tired of cheap toasters I have to replace all the time.  It took forever to be shipped, but I was eager to try it out as soon as I got it.  Popped in a piece of bread, popped up and only one side was toasted.  Smiley Sad I thought okay, maybe it needs to be "broke in" and tried it again.  And again.  Same thing every time. 


So I contacted the manufactuer, had to jump through a few hoops but they finally agreed to send me a replacement.  It took a month to get the new one.  When it finally arrived I immediately tried it out.   I wouldn't get a lemon twice, would I??   Yes I would.  Same darn thing.  I had so much trouble getting the replacement I just didn't want to deal with the company again. 


So I took my old toaster back out of the cabinet (kept for a back up) and now I have 2 brand new toasters that don't toast worth a *amn.  I don't want to donate or give them to anyone knowing they're defective and for some reason I have a hard time just throwing them in the garbage.  But that's what they are, garbage.  So, any ideas on what to do with these stupid toasters??

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@caroln242 Check for any recycling events in your area and see if it can be taken there. Otherwise toss 'em. They're just taking up space and likely annoying you cuz they don't work!


I really wish you would share the brand with us. Could be a warning to some unsuspecting buyer!

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Are you sure you don't have it on the bagel setting.  That only toasts one side.

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Re: Toaster dilemma

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@caroln242    Sometimes toasters will say to put bread on a specific side if only toasting one slice.  Did you try both sides?


I got a really good one from QVC a couple years ago and it's TURQUOISE.


Here it is.  No longer available in Turquoise but many other pretty colors.  Inexpensive and works perfectly.



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@Kachina624 Oh that sounds soooo pretty!

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@caroln242   How long ago did you buy this toaster??


I would not keep something that didn't work, no matter the cost.


I'd also put a stop on any payment-I'm assuming CC.


The product is defective and could be a fire hazard.


You are entitled to get your $$ back and the company should pay for the return. 

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Re: Toaster dilemma

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Did instructions come with your toaster?   Have a Bagel 🥯 setting?

My Dualit toaster instructions:


"Check the 'selector' switch is set correctly. If set to Bagel setting only one side will toast and remember to insert bread from the very left hand slot".

Dualit  Classic 4 slice toaster,  in chrome stainless, I purchased  on a trip to England years ago. Commercial quality.  Weighs  3.5  pounds.   Made and assembled in the UK.  Expensive, but was so well worth it, IMO.  Built to last a lifetime.   I will never need to buy another toaster.  👍







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I have to giggle at the fact that my bright yellow toaster purchased at Cracker Barrel for $19.99 years ago still works to produce toast with a smiley face emblazoned on one side. Oh sure, I think that the sleek stainless steel models would look so nice on the counter, but I don't keep the toaster on the counter anyway. Is it fancy? No. Can I control the settings? Yes. Does it toast on both sides? Yes. Does it allow for thicker slices? Yes. Is it digital? No. But it makes happy toast!!!!

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I was watching, I believe, Cooks Country when they were reviewing toasters.  Most failed their testing even though they were very expensive.  There was one that if you were on the bagel setting, it only toasted on one side.  You had to turn the bagel cut side out on both sides.  Could you have this type of toaster and possibly be on the bagel setting.  P.S.  they didn't like any of the toasters they reviewed, some very expensive.

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Re: Toaster dilemma

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@caroln242 : so sorry for your trouble.

Try to get a credit on your CC, then toss the dang things. Out of sight, out of mind, never to be annoyed by them again.

My KitchenAid toaster is over 20 years old and going strong.True, I do not use it daily, but it works when I need it. Started in one kitchen and has moved with me twice since. It was neither the least or the most expensive. I think ATK recommended the Dash toaster, which may be sold on HSN.