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I tip $10-20 per mover, depending on how much work has to be done.  For example, for my last move, my ex took headboard off bed, mirror off nightstand, shelves out of doll case, etc.  That time I tipped $10 per mover.  

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When did it become "necessary" to tip everyone?  Stores charge a delivery fee for the most part.  I think the tipping thing os over the top.  

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I recently moved here (May).  I decluttered to the point I had little left to go to storage - I was so impressed at how well they wrapped everything and moved it so fast.  I only had "3 crates worth" which was very little.  I tried to tip and the guys told me that I had so little not to worry about it - they finished at lunch so I gave them each $10 and told them to stop for lunch on the way back - and that money could be used toward their meal and they thanked me.


Two guys came to move my stuff back in and when they left they wouldn't accept a tip.  

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We moved 250 miles.  Had the same crew of 4 load and unload the huge moving truck.  They also placed our belongings where we wanted them in our new home..  I gave each of them a $50 bill and they were thrilled,  Could not find out what the going rate was, but they were worth it.