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Thank you all for your input. The little brown envelopes don't say anything on them just are sitting on the counter.

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I do understand that-  but there's no way I would tip 300 dollars for any kind of treatment I could imagine having anywhere.   That's 20% of the $1500 I am paying the company she works for.  Good enough at what she does that they can charge $1500, then she's good enough that they should be compensating her extremely well.


Then again, I would not book an appointment for a $1500 facial unless there were medical reason for that appointment, and if there were -  I know I do not tip my doctors, my dentist or anyone who works with them. 






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Re: Tipping at Derm Spa

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My derms office also has a Spa.  Does the Dr perform the services?  My appointments are for facials and peels and not performed by a Dr.  I do tip.  I would check with the front desk.

The laser  is operated by a woman in Scrubs. I assume she is a nurse or someone highly trained. She has been there for years and does a great job.

@wonderfulworld   Scrubs are not an indication of a professional or how much training they have...they are required by OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Scrubs are usually required in any situation where medical procedures are provided. They assure that the area and person are more sterile than wearing their street clothing. 


The important thing is that she does a good serice for you. IMO, a spa service is similar to a hairstylist...20% is the custom, but certainly up to you. 

No, OSHA does not require scrubs.  If scrubs are wore as part of PPE, OSHA does address sleeve length, removing them when leaving the area (like for lunch) and laundry requirements (can't wash PPE at home).


OSHA does address blood pathogens and the interaction between casual scrubs and PPE.

Sometimes a uniform is just a unsterile uniform 😬