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Re: Tim Conway has died

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Re: Tim Conway has died

I enjoyed the Carol Burnett - Tim Conway - Vicki Lawrence - Harvey Korman skits. They would visably crack each other up. RIP

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Re: Tim Conway has died

I think they meant that celebrity deaths seem to happen within a day or two of each other...and usually three celebrities die. Peter Mayhew also died close to the time two others died, but can’t recall their names....they weren’t people I was really familiar with
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Re: Tim Conway has died

Such a talented man. He will be missed.  Luckily, his talent will live on in the films of his performances.

My favorite sketches were the ones with Carol Burnett as the inept Mrs. Wiggins.

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Re: Tim Conway has died

@KittyLouWhoToo wrote:


I love comedy - even well done profane type.


But as many times as I've viewed this original clip, I've never failed to literally laugh out loud - but the Vicki Lawrence's ending outtake was especially rewarding!


Hey, we'll miss him, but Heaven is funnier today.

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Re: Tim Conway has died

I will miss his humor and presence in this world.  What sheer joy he brought back in the day...and still today!  Timeless.


one of my favorites was the million year old man.  Oh sweet mother of Bob Dylan, when he did the skit in the butcher shop I cried with laughter.  Still to this day,when I see an ald fashioned  butcher  case, the big enclosed cases,  I laugh out loud.  I still see Tim Conway as the old butcher with only one customer (Harvey Korman) in the store, making Harvey wait until his number was called.  He would go ooonnnee, twooooo, etc, taking a minute to call each number.  Then when Harvey ordered a chop, Tim crawled into the case to get the chop cause he couldn't reach far enough to  get it.  It took forever to get the chop.


of course the Dentist sketch is a classic.  His timing was a gift from God for sure.  I miss that kind of comedy.  I really do.

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Re: Tim Conway has died

Godspeed and RIP Tim.  Your skits with Carol and Harvey were laugh worthy - for so many reasons - mostly because even your fellow comedians couldn't help from laughing!


Thanks for the laughs and the memories - you were one of the best.

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Re: Tim Conway has died

            So sad to hear about this.   Even though we don't know celebrities as personal friends, I always felt he had an innately sweet spirit...  even behind those mischievous eyes and impish improvisations.   In this case, I think "one of a kind" is befitting and accurate.   He gave so many of us so much laughter and joy.   May he rest in peace.



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Re: Tim Conway has died

Tim Conway's death made me feel so sad.  May he RIP.


Like many others, when he did the skits w/Carol and Harvey, and they couldn't help but start to laugh, it made everyone else laugh too, esp. w/Harvey.


Of course it reminds me of my youth - The Carol Burnett Show.  I also remember McHale's Navy for goodness sake.  I wish there were still those variety/comedy shows on TV today.  Heard Carol Burnett say these days a show like hers would be way too expensive to produce - all the costumes and guest stars and musicians, etc...Sad.


Now we are stuck w/Reality TV and doctor/lawyer programs.  None of the comedies now appeal to me at all, not even the popular ones.  I luv me some I Love Lucy and some Honeymooners - even Seinfeld or Everybody Loves Raymond, but todays comedy - no thanks.

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