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My daughter in Colorado, while walking her dog just texted all of us this....


"Just passed a Men in Kilts" window cleaning van.  On the side says, "No peeking".


She waited and sure enough ....guy got on a ladder in a kilt!"


Just like the side of the truck.


Then she showed this😂. And "Not sure why that makes me so happy"


I do!  Like daughter.😉

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They're real. Bare legs, but the kilts are knee length. The nuns would approve. lol 


Window Cleaning

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I'm sure the kilts bring in some business!

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That's a riot. I imagine for some that peek would be an evil temptation. I think it is definitely a draw. Hiring the guy would be great fun. I might even offer him some haggis.

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Wow, this was interesting!   Can you imagine having Jamie Fraser on a ladder in a kilt washing windows???!!!    Woohoo, does life get any better???!!  Smiley Happy

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I'd peek.


Hey, I'm old.  Have to get some thrills before I can't remember what a thrill is.  LOL


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