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Wow, now they all look alike. Thanks for the pics @MamaWick 

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Always wanted to get fresh antlers, i think dogs would like the fresh.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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@MamaWick wrote:

The bucks are losing their antlers. This is normal. Unfortunately, I have given them names based on their antlers, so now I'm not going to know who is who. Fortunately, they know me, though. I strolled around the neighborhood looking for antlers but didn't see any. If I had some good boots, I'd trek into the woods. 














As comfortable as they may feel around you, I doubt you can talk them into wearing name badges ....   Woman LOL

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@MamaWick   We always find lots of antler sheds out in our woods behind the horse pasture.  Deer are hardy creatures, enduring the biting flies and ticks in the summer, and foraging for food in the winter.  They aren't afraid of the horses and the horses don't mind the deer either.  During the summer there will  be deer grazing in the pasture with our horses and I love watching them.

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I read when they are in velvet it doesn't hurt but itches. I wonder who figured this out? Cat LOL