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The number one search on Yahoo is Judgment Day......

Maybe people are starting to buy the whole May 21 thing. Or are at least getting nervous about it.

I still live by, "No man knows the day or hour".

I read this mans platform and I think he is five kind of crazy. He lost me when I reporter asked him, "So what happens if May 22nd rolls around and we are all still here? " to which his reply was, "That does not mean I was wrong". Yeah right crazy.This guys has predicted the end before.

Also, I have said it before and I will say it again, this guy has guts! And I would hate to be him whenever the real judgment day rolls around! I may be guilty of many things but I would NEVER NEVER NEVER dare to presume to know the will of God.

(shaking my head)

It is ballsy I give him credit for that!

So what do you think? Do we only have 10 days left?