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@MaggieMack wrote:

Are you kidding??? Tacky and Lazy, that's what I think. Maybe you should have given them a preprinted gift? What is wrong with people??? The writing of Thank You notes is a lost art. I still get calls from people thanking me for the creative thank you note I wrote after they did something incredibly awesome. Dumbing down of each generation. Doesn't anyone younger than 40 ever feel what gratitude is???

Wow. What a sweeping generalization. How would it sound if someone wrote something similar about senior citizens?

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Hi Naes-


Hope you are having a great holiday weekend! I go back to Philadelphia in two weeks for my 3 month follow-up c-scan and I will see my oncologist and radiation oncologist. I have Leiomyosarcoma-rare cancer, 4 in 1 million get it. I'm very fortunate there are sarcoma specialists an hour away. It's been 4 years since I have been diagnosed and it has come back 3 times. I take one day at a time.


I have never been to one high school reuion! I graduated in 1981!! I do stay in touch with some classmates.


Have a wonderful week! Smiley Happy








      Hello Julie, 

             I meant to tell you that you are very welcome to 'COME OVER' to Among Friends or "Wellness". We have _`some`_lovely friends who face many illnesses. maladies and diseases similar to yours that you have provided here.

I prefer Among Friends.


**->ask for OR go onto gloriajean's site. She is very receptive to everyone and we do have a prayer group upon asking. Everyone is so understanding. I will come on also. 

4 out 1 million what are the odds? BUT! I knew about your journey when you told me of the sarcoma. I am anxius to learn more after OR BEFORE you go back to see 'your oncologist' /3 month follow up -C-scan. I am am on by way to Among Friends and write exactly what you have told me. You may check later for the posting. Among Friends is not as fast moving as some of the other forums. Gloriajean will find your statement and we will begin a vigil of prayer.

I am all too familar with difference cancers. There is great strides in new technology. Many here ae going through the same thing, just not exactly like yours but on chemotherapy to different degrees. God  Bless You in your LOW times and give you strength to overcome the hardship in coping.

We stayed at home, had a pleasant day all week-end, along with today..if you consider my taxing moments with the system being very slow yesterday. Patience is my guide to no stress and believe me I have been through a lot, as many others.

Ah, yes, the high school reunions: I have been to one -that was over 5 years ago. Actually, I was not aware of any reunions being out of the country traveling, OR being in another state having no idea there was one, so I attended the one with my husband, and I with his. You will find out -really you have missed not much. Most were nothing as you remembered, some were by themselves, others had to have the limelight because that's all they had one time before, others either ill, divorced or on their 3rd marriage...not to mention the almost to BE divorced. You will, if attending, find everything not as you remembered..much. I had a great time as far as chit chat but I believe most know-here- I am not a person talking... to hearmy head rattle.  

..."what you have told me, take one day at a time is all that we have anyhow"!


Come and join in. I think you will be surprised just how many have many illnesses, probably not as young as you, but I place no bets on that at 50+ for you.

Stay positive and PAGE me if you want my attention quickly.

Thinking of you with thoughtfulHeart prayers~  

ps: I stay in _"CLOSE"_ touch with (1) good friend/high school and pick up many emails from scores of classmates but can NOT get back to them -every one at any certain time. Life does change after HIGH SCHOOL! THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON......................

  What did you do for the week-end? I thought it was for rest only, but that's ME!


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@JerseyGirlNJ wrote:

Panda123, that is so priceless. I came across the wedding card my mom wrote to me  (I have been married 27 years) and she passed away 2 years ago. Just seeing her handwriting made me cry. You do not get that from a pre-printed note card.

You are going to make me cry. I have notes my mom wrote me and they bring tears to my eyes when I come across them. She has been gone 5 years and was the love of my life.

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Hi Naes,


Thank you for the heads up about the wellness forum. I will head over there! I totally believe in the power of prayer. The past 4 years have been crazy and meditation has helped me. So far I have been treated with Proton Therapy, IMRT radiation, 3 surgies and Cyberknife radiation.


The weekend has been relaxing and so glad it is a short work week! Speaking of reunions I went to my husband's 40th reunion this year. That was an experience. LOL Not knowing anyone I felt like a lost soul!