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I totally understand your viewpoint...'

There are many reasons a teacher would be out.  You didnt mention what state you are from but in NY many teacher have Professional development days in which are mandatory; they are workshops, and needed to keep their teaching license active.


 Since work is supposed to be posted on google classroom ( thanks to Covid) .in a perfect world our kids would have all they need to finish work, get assigments and email teachers directly - but that doesnt always happen.   Lets not forget that Covid is still around and there are rules set in place (days out etc)  if staff comes down with Covid and students are not required to be notified. 


Meanwhile I would email teachers directly - usually teachers emails are found on the homepage of the schools website and a paper trail is always a good thing to follow mutal conversations.


Hope this helps 

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@RespectLife wrote:

@Johnnyeager wrote:

A parent and/or taxpayer can ask anything they like at a Board meeting.


Of course, no one is required to respond,  but we have the ability to ask.


Don't be afraid Taxpayers and Parents!  It's your school.

OH YES! @Johnnyeager 


DEFINITELY!  Parents need to be at every school board meetings and ask, challenge and more!


As clearly shown in VA.  We need to KNOW what our children are being taught.


I'm just saying in NY, the Unions have a LOT of power and iron clad contracts that eliminate the change we as parents feel is needed.


The BEST thing is to elect proper board members who will stand up for our children and not just coddle to the Union.






No parent can go to in and ask why a teacher is absent.  Curriculum days are set by contract and public knowledge.


However, a teachers' absence due to medical OR personal can NOT be divulged.


It doesn't matter if it is a lengthy absence or not.....medical, mental, family, personal is protected information.


That is a dismissable offense and would have potential legal action against the district should medical information be divulged.


 It's HIPAA.  The covered entities in HIPAA are healthcare providers, health plan, and anyone who processes data for either of those.  Parents of a teacher's student are not covered.  I don't think it's anyone's business why a teacher is out, but it's not legally protected by HIPAA (two A's, one P).

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@SloopJohnB wrote:

I might be in the minority here but I don't feel you should get private school for free.  If you want private, then you should pay for it.  As the product of parochial school myself, I see how my parents sacrificed some things so my siblings and I could attend.  


And going forward, my kids attended parochial school, too.  And coming full circle, my daughter works in a Catholic school.

^5 @SloopJohnB !

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@Twins Mom wrote:


I think its commendable that your daughter lets you know what is going on.


As a teacher if a foreign language it was very difficult to have a sub.  When I knew I would be out for teacher training / curriculum I tried to get a sub ahead of time that I knew would carry out my plans.  Those plans took quite a bit of time to prepare since I had at least three different class levels, sometimes two different buildings and sub dud not know language. But she could keep students on task that I had directed.   I hated to be out as sub plans took so much time and detail.   As a result I had many sick days accumulated but when my position was eliminated a year before qualifying for retirement it was lost.  I don't regret being responsible to my students first.


As a sub in the district it was frustrating to go into classrooms where little prep was done.  Even class rosters were not accurate.  When a teacher has scheduled training, he can take time to do a good class lesson, especially now with most students having laptops,  etc.  It is up to sub to walk around and keep all on task.  Many don't but I was always keeping eyes on kids.  (oh they hate that!).  I am not going back as sub because if I get sick I get no benefits and expose my family more. Furthermore, if teachers don't leave correct info I could find myself in hot water not knowing "he" she" they " etc .  I want to teach but don't want to be chastised by some teenager for not getting it right.


A last minute sub is one of those things that haopens.  But teachers are usually required to have emergency plans.  I am unsure what to recommend insofar as concern.  Principal I guess but tactfully

Oh, I could tell you some real doozies from my subbing days. I mean, just when you think you've see it all, something else would happen to top it.  I know for a fact there were kids who detested me because I wouldn't let them get away with stuff, but one day I learned of a survey taken for the school newspaper class and I was voted favorite sub.  ❤️😆. I've been retired since early 2010 but we live in a small town so I still see "kids" I used to know and it's fun bumping into them. I really loved my job once upon a time.