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I clearly heard her calling my name and asking me to take her home.  So I did.  The sculpture is titled, Mother.  I love everything about her.  B7B910A7-56C5-4F95-B121-CB72A3909286.jpeg

Have you ever answered "the call" ? 

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I like her. And I totally understand what you're saying.
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Re: Take Me Home…

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Oh, absolutely I have answered "the call".


Even when I don't understand it. 🙄



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@Pezzie   Your piece is unique and quite pretty. 


I understand completely as these dishes have been calling to me for quite some time.



Belleek Connemara Tea Plate, Single

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@Mersha @I've. Den known to be quite the enabler.  You should answer the call.  Lol

Pretty dishes.

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Beautiful 🤩 

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Life is too short to not answer the call.Enjoy your lovely sculpture.

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I love your new sculture. I have certainly answered the call...but sometimes I try not to listen....I am afraid I will answer! 

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@Pezzie    You've got good taste.  I love her too.  That turquoise necklace sets it off perfectly.  In what style is your home decorated?  I can see her in many types of homes. 

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I love it, you made an amazing purchase. Enjoy the view.