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I don’t mind a small amount of snow, but when it comes in amounts that make life difficult I don’t like it as much. Nothing prettier in winter than a bit of snow covering the grass, shrubs, and trees. By the way, I like the song “Winter Wonderland”. 

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All my friends know how I like snow...on the tv as I change the

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@Love my grandkids - Another poster asked what I thought was a pretty reasonable question:  if you hate the snow so much, why do you stay in Washington (state, I presume)?


Is there a reason you can't move to a more temperate climate?


For me, I always think how lucky I am to live where we're not constantly hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, soaring temperatures, wildfires.  No poisonous snakes or huge insects.  Yes, I've had to drive to work in a raging blizzard and it was not fun.  But those days are rare thankfully.


I guess it's all a choice of what you prefer to live with!  Smiley Happy


(I also live where the state and town plows are out from the minute the storm starts until it's over and beyond, so getting around or mail delivery isn't an issue.)

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@Love my grandkids  I know exactly the snowstorm you are referring to.   That year I had just left my job on October 31st and just a few weeks later we got that horrendous storm.  I was so grateful that I didn't have to worry about getting to work any longer.


We live on a hill and for some reason a Metro bus driver decided to try and bring his huge bus down the hill.  Halfway down he lost control of it and it slid down the road and crossed over the highway, thank heavens no one was coming down the road, he went through the barrier and down over the hill.  Our neighbor was standing outside of her house as he went by and he just looked over at her and shrugged as his bus slid down the road.  


I'm not sure if anyone was on the bus but fortunately no one was injured.  The next day our neighborhood was all excited as we watched them try to bring the bus up from the bottom of the hill.  


That was one heck of a snowstorm.  We are pretty lucky here in Western WA that we don't get a lot of snow.  I don't mind a little snow, but I can definitely do without that kind that we had back in 2010.  


When I was working I dreaded snow.  I'm not a very good driver in snow and ice.  It really frightens me.  


People around here complain about the rain but i would rather drive in rain then snow any day.  


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Timely subject as it's going to snow this week. Possibly sleat, which is the worst. AWD time. I enjoyed snow skiing for 20 years and it was a winter wonderland during those visits. After a knee injury, I never enjoyed snow again. I do live in a four season zone and tolerate it.    

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I live in New England but I am not a snow person.  Winter is my least favorite season but don't really mind it except for the snow.  I tolerate it but would take rain any day over snow.  The thing I really hate is what is known around here as a "wintery mix."  Rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain; all of which add up to ice, and result in driving problems and power outages.

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@PamfromCT : Sounds beautiful! I live in the Buffalo, NY area, and as you may have heard, we get a little snow around here from time to time. There is nothing more beautiful in the winter than a blanket of fresh snow.