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Sigh...I hope she put half as much effort in improving her mind, values and sense of decency. Her girls deserve a mother that can tell the difference between right from wrong. Teresa still appears to care a lot about the outside packaging. The very thing that landed her in the slammer in the first place...

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@Bri63 wrote:

That's insulting to actual bodybuilders.




What's insulting @Bri63?



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When I saw this yesterday my first reaction was ick, but when she's not all oiled up and "striking a pose", she probably looks pretty good.  I'd need to see her with clothes on lol


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Not a fan of the look, but agree it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to achieve.  Good for her.

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@Karie2022 wrote: matter how you feel about this look, it takes an amazing amount of time, work and self discipline..I don’t know old she is but I would guess mid 40’s??  Amazing really...not my cup of tea, but still pretty remarkable for any woman over 40...😛

Suggested reading:


Ernestine Shepherd at 80:

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She looks roasted.  All she needs is an apple in her mouth.

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  • @Marp- Ernestine Shepherd looks absolutely terrific!
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That hideous hair doesn't help.

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The bad thing about ‘fitness’ competitions is...

it’s NOTHING to do with being healthy.  


I view the OP photo & see nothing but extreme calorie restriction,

heavily applied chemical tanners/bronzers & extreme dehydration

for competition.


That ain’t healthy. And it ages the bejezus out of ya, hopefully without

long-term effects. 


I’ve known several men/women trying this...and it’s always something

they regret down the road.  It really messes up your system.


Knowing that, I hope she’s in a good head space...especially

since she’s a mother w/ young children.