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Bodybuilding competition is not just a love of working out.  It’s not like trying to get fit for the Miss America contest.  Bodybuilding is much more extreme and specific.  It involves things like weight class, muscle tone from different angles, perfect symmetry, amount of firmness, etc.  Wow, indeed!  I applaud her dedication.  But I too always find it a bit shocking.  

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@Lila4Now If that's a bikini class competition, 6 packs are not wanted. Having them will take points away from you in the judging. Fitness competition depends on the specifics of EACH competition: some allow 6 packs, some don't.


I think she looks FANTASTIC!!  That is a LOT of work and dedication right there. Bravo, Teresa!!!

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I wonder what she eats because it's not easy to gain muscle mass past the age of 40.  She must be taking supplements too and it would be interesting to know what exactly.  Her ribcage has only a thin layer of skin covering it.  One could just imagine how that feels if you bump into something like a piece of furniture or if you are in a car wreck. Let's hope she's not on steroids. I don't think she's that stupid.


When she went into the slammer for tax evasion did she and her husband have to fork over the money they owed the government or was the prison time in lieu of.  In any case, I see she's got money for her new hobby. Good for her.  

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I'll be glad when she goes back to dark hair.

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I can’t decide what I like least..the blonde hair, overly tanned or oily body.


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I applaud her hard work and dedication, but it will be almost impossible to maintain that look as she gets older. She most likely spent countless hours to look that way, but there are not many people that can do that as a part of their day to day life.

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Her tummy-tuck scar looks good...Woman LOL

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That's insulting to actual bodybuilders.



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