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There's an old expressions for marathon talkers. 


"vaccinated with a phonograph needle" we use to use for people who talk a lot and repeat themselves.


Not sure anyone would get the meanng today.


@Steffdoggy100 wrote:
She just repeats and repeats herself. She has nothing new to say. She looks great though. She has had some type of work, but it looks very natural.


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@Spurt wrote:

Susan was REALLY HYPER with Katrina when the TSV kicked off at midnight and she kept interrupting poor Katrina who was just trying to go through the colors....I guess Susan was excited about her TSV....but she made it so unwatchable I turned off the TV and went to bed.....Susan is killing her own sales.......


        If not her sales, for sure her viewers.  For years, I  watched her Thursday am shows as I was getting ready for work.  But now I cannot stand her shows.  I find myself yelling at the TV...telling her to shut up!!

       And in the past, I bought many of her items. Really liked her butterknit tops under blazers, cardigans and vests.  But I don't need work clothes anymore and I find her unwatchable!!


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Here's my take on Susan. Yes, she does prattle on and on, and the hosts have a difficult time doing their jobs when they have to reign her in. I have only three or four of her items as most to me are too matronly, not that I am a young thing at all. But here's what I admire about Susaan: she's appreciative of her customers and of others who support her; she knows her stuff when it comes to making quality clothes; she wears her own things and is a proud mama of her line.  She is also probably a genuinely nice person, though I don't know her personally. There are other vendors for whom I don't have warm feelings, even though I like their clothes, but Susan has my respect, even if she can be annoying. Oh and I love that her dog Pebbles participates in her presentations. He/she hangs on her every word.

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I don't mind watching her at all. She loves what she does and that comes through.  The only thing I ever think is that we are about the same age and how come I don't look like that??  Lol.

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I also wore many of her LKnit tops when I was working because they were so easy to care for and worked great with black skirts and pants. Her entire line has changed in the past few years; so glad I don't need things for work anymore. I wear most of what I would have worn to work now to church or when we go out to dinner. I could never watch her for very long. Liked seeing her introduce an item, but after that I hit mute.