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Nice clothes @Leggett28 .  I would have kept everything also. 

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I just found out a friend of mine does this.  I commented the other night on something she was wearing and she said it was Stitch Fix.  She loves it and had really good luck with it. 


I had a relative who did it and it was expensive.  She liked the fact that they sent her clothes totally out of her comfort zone that she ended up keeping and loving but I remember one of the knit jumpsuits with a jogger style bottom was $100.00+.  It was cute but not for that kind of money.  

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I'm on my 9th fix.  Just received it the other day. Keeping it all.  Only once did I have to send back the entire selection.  I always make notes on my account and the stylist has been excellent and makes corrections and notes it on my next fix.  


The jeans and trouser brand that I have found to be absolutely perfect is Kut from the Kloth. A bit pricey at $88/pair but they fit like a glove.  Also the cardigan choices are awesome. Right now I'm set on them, living in the snow belt of NY, they come in handy.  


Shoes were hit or miss. Fix before last was a pair of Tom's in an animal pattern that I kept. Haven't worn them yet though. 


I was able to change my frequency to every 3 months so that helps with the household budget as well.  Eventually I'll stop and then maybe start up again at another time.