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Anybody else still haven't gotten theirs yet ?

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@Sharke : The checking account we had last year with the IRS was closed by DH. We finally received our check today. It was from the Department of Treasury in a brown envelope with both our names and dated 2/2/21. Thank goodness. DH giving me part of his to help pay off two bills.

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We haven't gotten ours yet. Dont' think I can do the recovery on our 2020 taxes either because of the severance package my husband got. Even though he got double pay for 2020 that is to cover the loss of income for 2021. 

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Last time I got check and last week I got a debit card. 

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I got my mine last week. Husband never has got his yet. We set up account with the IRS hoping that would shed some light on it, but, just showed he had got his last yr.  doesn't make sense why they left him out. File jointly.

guess he'll have to wait and deduct it from 2020 tax form.


I wondered if anybody else was out there waiting too. LOL

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I got mine on Jan 4, direct deposit.

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I got mine last week. 

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I received nothing. I don't earn enough with my SS to file a tax return now. I did receive #1 via direct deposit based on my 2018 tax return when I was still working. Have nothing by mail and no information at the 'Get My Payment' website.

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@DiAnne wrote:

Last time I got check and last week I got a debit card. 

How much is the Stimulus check??

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Re: Stimulus check # 2

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I got mine as a debit card.  The first one was a paper check.  My brother is still waiting for his.  To answer someone's question, it is $600.