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I love this time of the year in Southern AZ.  Everything is in bloom, or most everything and it's beautiful and colorful.

Took this pic on my walk this morning  of the ocotillo in bloom against the blue sky.



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I lived in Mojave Desert over 25 yrs and now travel three rough Sonoran Desert 1-2 times a month; Spring Bloom is the best!

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That picture is STUNNING!

You're right, those tall blooms against that perfect blue sky are just magical!

Thank you for sharing.💝🌸

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That’s a beautiful picture! I love the contrast of colors against the bright blue sky!
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Beautiful picture!
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That Ocotillo in your picture is one of my favorite desert plants.


Facebook is full of beautiful cacti pictures of plants in bloom.  I've been enjoying looking at them.

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So pretty!


Your sky is one of the most beautiful blues I've ever seen...

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Beautiful picture and love the blue sky.

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Don't you just love springtime in the desert?! The Ocotillos are blooming and the desert floor is carpeted with purple and white flowering ground cover... beautiful.