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@happycat wrote:

Betty Mills online has toilet paper. It comes in large lots. I ordered some cottonelle, 60 rolls for I think 72 dollars, plus shipping, I think my shipping was 14 bucks, but I also got 2 packages of kleenex. You can do the pay for it, have it shipped to another address. 

Just thought I would pass it along, if anyone gets desperate. I needed to send it to someone who is refusing to go in stores. 


There is cheaper toilet paper on there, I was just not leary about getting it, as I never heard of it before. 


We are all not handling this the same, its ok. Lets just help where we can. 

What a kind and thoughtful personyou are.   Your friend is blessed to have you in their corner. Thank you for sharingSmiley Happy

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Re: Source for toilet paper

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Staples has their brand TP 16 double roll packs for $12.17 and free shippiing.  I ordered 3 packs - I'll have it Tuesday.  Can't find it in the stores here.



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@conlt wrote:

Guess what? Yesterday morning as restrictions were eased a little here in Florida, I went on and they had plenty of toilet paper and paper towels available. I ordered some and it arrived today. Go figure! I could not believe it until I saw it. Free shipping to. 

I just went on Walmart's site - and u have to buy in the store OR they're out of stock. I'm in southern Calif.

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My Meijer store in the suburbs of Columbus, OH had several different brands and pack sizes of both toilet paper and paper towels in stock this morning.
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@smb3 wrote:

Walmart this morning was well-stocked with it.

Yes true from what I saw at the Wal-Mart near me today.