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I just read on Huffpost that there is an drug proved to be an effective treatment for Covid. It's actually one that I've posted about before: remdesivir. The government is working to get it available as soon as possible.


"“What it has proven is that a drug can block this virus,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious-disease expert. “This will be the standard of care.”


"Stocks surged around the world on the news, with the Dow Jones Industrial average climbing more than 550 points, or over 2%, in the afternoon."


"Biotech company Gilead Sciences and the U.S. government reported that in a major study, remdesivir shortened the time it takes for COVID-19 patients to recover by four days on average —from 15 days to 11. Also, a trend toward fewer deaths was seen among those on the drug, Fauci said.


The study was run by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and involved 1,063 hospitalized coronavirus patients around the world."

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I saw coverage of this on MSNBC this afternoon.  Promising news indeed!

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@suzyQ3 I saw that report a few hours ago.   Read Fauci and the analysts .  Seems the good news has 2 parts -  one is that there was actually a decent sized test group with a placebo group whereas so many other clinicals weren't really useful -  too few patients or no placebo group.


Nice to hear something good for a change.   Hope it can save lives and make re-opening the economy successfully an easier task.



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Indeed suzyQ3, I also read something similar that in Greece (my country) will admister the drug after FDA approves it in America.

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New York Daily News
APRIL 29, 2020
FDA plans to OK emergency use of coronavirus drug that may fast-track recovery: report
The FDA plans to approve emergency use of the drug remdesivir on coronavirus patients, as researchers work to find out whether the medication can speed up recoveries, The New York Times reported Wednesday.
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Listening to Dr. Gottlieb this morning, well maybe we can churn out 1M doses by this fall/winter.


We need 10's of millions doses available nationwide to be effective. His words.


No word on the expected cost per dose. Which I'm sure will be astronomical.

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I did read about this drug several weeks ago. It's good they are finding more promising results from more patients.

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Re: Some good news!

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Good news, caution is sends me off to check who owns the company, patent, manufacturing...


*** Caution is NOT naysaying, it’s just Caution


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I believe Dr. Fauci made his statement from the Oval Office.


i'll wait a bit and hope for the best.

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@Drythe wrote:



Good news, caution is sending me off to check who owns the company, patent, manufacturing...

Gilead, I believe, @Drythe 

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