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what happened was the same thing that happened the last time the world was supposed to end, nothing.

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@AliJoi5 wrote:

I'm not sure about the apocalypse, but October 21, 2015 is coming up.  Do you know what that means??  It means anyone in the Hill Valley area should keep an eye out for Marty McFly and Doc Brown in the flying DeLorean, because that's the date they go Back to the Future in the second film.  You're welcome!! 




Ah ha! I will have to be on the lookout for this..

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Would that be Eastern Standard Time?  Anyone know?  


I'm ordering take-out for dinner and delaying my bill paying until tomorrow, if tomorrow comes.Smiley Very Happy

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I had a big lunch and wasn't going to eat dinner, but now maybe I will.LOL

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@baker wrote:

I had a big lunch and wasn't going to eat dinner, but now maybe I will.LOL

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I just threw away six cream puffs that were in the refrigerator too long, and I never even had one..  I may have to go get them out of the garbage.

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Not today.  I think it's Monday.  The Blood Moon on Sukkot. Mondays work for me. Smiley Wink

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@Puzzle Piece wrote:

I've been hearing since last month that the end of the world was supposed to happen today.  So what happened?  Did I miss it? 

And did these voices first manifest with the end of the world warning?

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Re: So What Happened?

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Oh my , here we go again ! 


Every time there is a "blood moon" this comes forward.


Many preachers love to expound on this. They aren't meteorologists so I wish they would stop the "doom and gloom" bit concerning this scientific act of nature.. ( TV evangelist John Hagee is very focused on this act of nature and expounds on it regularly in books and preaching.) Others as well.


I don't buy it myself. I read the "original book" so I don't have much faith in this business!

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Your joking right?