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My daughter is part-owner of a cosmetics shipping company. She also serves as the HR head. She has had to furlough most of her employees. It is tearing her apart. She's trying to deal with all the repercussions of the virus while keeping her company together and home schooling my granddaughter. These are definitely tough times.

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@QVCPhobe wrote:

My poor husband will soon be furloughed. The big oil company is stopping his company’s work on their refinery project.  They say it will be for 30 days, but it could be longer,  so there goes his job in a short while,  My niece and brother in law are furloughed from their jobs.  I know that millions of people are now without work, but when it hits home it is terrible.  I am devastated.

I agree, this is very sad. Does it have anything to do with the recent agreement among foreign oil producers to limit production?


I know the wholesale of #2 heating oil took a 5% hit yesterday and is down to $0.94/gal today, the lowest I've seen it since I started tracking it around 2015. It definitely doesn't seem an opportune time to add capacity, unfortunately.


I am sorry for your situation, and that of your other relatives. I hope you can all get benefits to help tide you over.

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When furloughed, benefits typically remain in effect.   I hope anyone who has been furloughed does not forego medical needs thinking they don't have least not before confirming yes or no with their employer. 

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@QVCPhobe    Be sure your dh files for Unemployment Insurance the first day after his last day of work. 


My state is very much affected by low oil prices but I heard steps have been taken to end the price war between Russia and the Saudis.  Things should then stabilize.

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