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@LizzieInSRQ I'm thinking you are trying to tell me something and do believe I know!fortunately for me,I do not take ****** from bullies in here,especially 1 

@Luvsmyfam ...i was only joking abbout the free-shipping inticement, that you mentioned and encouraging you to avoid the submit button

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Where I live there is 434 inches at Alta Ski Resort .

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We've not seen so much as a flurry in my area this year. Normally, I like a nice quiet snowfall or two of just a few inches. Pretty to look at but still manageable. For some reason this year, I don't care whether we see any or not and I certainly hope not to see anything significant. I will say, we've certainly seen our share of rain.


La de da...................I can't even remember when Amarillo had what others call rain. I got tumbleweeds coming out my