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They carry Liz Claiborne. 

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I worked for JCP for about 3 years PT when I first retired,  in a catalog call center.   I enjoyed it,  got nice benefits,  pleasant work etc.,  but I never liked to shop there. 

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I am fond of shopping They are very efficient, quick to ship, and offer great markdowns.

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That was such a cute story, I read it to DH Smiley Happy  As another non-shopper, he chuckled and chuckled.


Smiley Happy

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I used to do 90% of my shopping at Penneys before they shot themselves in the foot several years ago. From that day to this, they no longer stock anything that appeals to me, clothes-wise. I force myself to cruise through every 4-5 months or so regardless, hoping, but haven't bought a single thing. It makes me sad.

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I don't usually shop at Penney's, but I returned something from Sephora and had a credit. I bought 2 Liz Claiborne cable knit infinity scarves and 2 pairs of gloves to match for Christmas presents, which were on sale. I also used a $10 off $25 coupon. Wound up not having to pay anything. GREAT deal!

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I agree, Penney's is a great store.  Sometimes it feels like they are giving stuff away.  Last year I got a nice dress I wore to a wedding for less than $20.  I have also gotten tops/blouses for less than $10.  Amazing.

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One year I bought 50 big and tall shirts for my husband and two sons.


$1.99 eachWoman Very Happy


Then they changed over to new rules and quit having those good of sales.


I always wait till the end of each season to do major shopping.


I get those coupons $10.00 off of $10.00, can't pass that one up.

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In the last year or so it's been nice to see Penney's coming back.  It got pretty bad for a few years with their changes.  Years ago, I really used to love Penney's and their catalog.  It was a great place for me to shop as they had clothes that came in tall and ultra tall sizes.  I was just at one of my local malls today with my mom and we shopped in Penney's.  The stores all seemed to be doing well.  Lots of shoppers about.

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LOL the same thing happened to me. I only went in there because I had the $10 off $10 (free!) and the $10 off $25.  My husband was on vacation, so I made him go with me so I could use both coupons.  After searching and searching for something I would actually want to buy, we went to pay, and they handed the coupons BACK to us.  Now I had to go back on the hunt for more things to buy lol