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Re: Shoe racks

@Kachina624 wrote:

@JCF.   Oragami also made a wonderful shoe rack which hangs from a door.  I only ever saw it once, grabbed one, and never saw it again.  I wish they'd get them back.


I have dozens of shoes, probably at least 150 pairs, with many being on the floor.  I have a little dog, not a puppy, that has been ruining about a pair a day chewing on them.  He can ruin a shoe in less than 5 minutes.  I've got many put away and need to do something with the rest pronto.

Wow @Kachina624 - 150 pairs of shoes?  That's a lot!  Smiley Happy  I know you're not alone.  I've read posters saying they have over 200 pairs....

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Re: Shoe racks

@Kachina624:  Even though I never noticed one, I never wanted an over the door shoe rack.


I have arthritic feet and I'm having to change my whole shoe wardrobe. 


During our recent downsizing move I gave 40 pairs of shoes away...most looked brand new, others looked good and had only been worn once or twice. I'm down to 20.