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The set of Tupperware that was on earlier...the shipping is really $5.50? That's a dealbreaker for me, like it is for the set of I cup L&L bowls that I really needed. Why so much? I pay that to ship six heavy candles to me from Yankee! 

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@lovesrecess Just took a look. That's a pretty good sized set and you think $5.50 is too much for shipping?


Can you find it somewhere else for cheaper shipping?

I don't think $5.50 for this set is out of line at all.

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@lovesrecess   may be nothing at all to do with weight


may have to do with the size or even the shape of the box


maybe you can find something that will do the job for less money where someone else will pay for free shipping. Try Amazon where people who,pay for iCloud storage or Prime or other subscriptions pay for more than half of their profit.  Makes shipping way less expensive for everyone else

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Haven’t looked for it anywhere else. Didn’t even know Tupperware was made anymore.
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Well, it's still my opinion (LOL!!) that shipping charges are already factored into the item's price so s/h is profit.



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$5.50 is pretty much standard shipping for hundreds of smaller sized QVC items including most kitchen gadgets.  If you want an item badly enough a couple of dollars wouldn't matter to you.  About the only thing that ships for less is clothing. 

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I go to the post office quite often to ship things and shipping is expensive.  Even the smallest most light weight package is $4.00 ~ I am talking like a padded envelope that is about 4" X 6", the size of a photo.

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Help me understand!  I bought an item from QVC and paid for the shipping and handling, $3.50.  When I returned it they charged the return fee of $6.95 plus the $3.50 I already paid for the shipping.  I talked to a rep, she did her best.  But I still don’t understand how they can charge the $3.50 again.  


To clarify: this was not a free shipping day

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$5.50 to ship ANYTHING right now is cheap imo.