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I love shopping at QVC, or I use. Shopping online is fast and an easy way to compare prices. With money being so much tighter a few dollars saved means even more.

While I have always enjoyed shopping at QVC I have noticed a few things concerning Shipping and Handling. How much it is and how when items have shipping included, they are not always a bargain.

So, the shipping prices. Most places online offer some sort of free shipping incentive and its a great way to get better value for your buck. I have a once a month order I place with Walmart and if you spend 49 bucks it ships with fedex ground free. As someone disabled, who cant get out, that is a Godsend. I find many of the shipping prices can jack up the prices so much that its not a value for me.

Don't think I am hating on them. I love QVC. But with the massive volume of sales they do, they should be able to offer better shipping incentives.

The other thing is items that have shipping included. Lets take the food section. I have noticed in the past year that ALLOT of food items have gone up quite a bit, but the shipping is included or it says free. I feel like its just word play to make me THINK I am getting a bargain.

I have started goggling items that are not exclusive to see if I can get them cheaper elsewhere and I have. Take Propet cruisers are cheaper and with free shipping in allot of shoe sites.

I am not leaving QVC altogether or trying to upset the powers that be, but this is an issue that bugs me. Over the holidays Mama mentioned she had noticed the same thing so I decided I would put my two cents worth in. At the end of the day, if I can't afford to shop at QVC I will still admire the things they sell. Virtual window shopping Smiley Happy