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I am not a fan of hers or of tennis either--and I hear she has had a bad year with regards to having a baby and being a working mom--who hasn't???? But the class act thing she should have done, was to congratulate the winner, and  to walk off the court---SILENT---and deal with her issues away from the spotlight. I can't imagine how that winner must feel about all this---kind of not the way to win a huge accomplishment. I don't have much patience or sympathy for "divas"

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From what I've read and the pictures I've seen, Williams' antics and demeanor were ugly, repulsive and shameful.  There are pictures of the WINNER crying.  There are statements that the WINNER are supposed to have made which appear to be apologies for WINNING.


The entire tennis organization should hang it's head in shame.



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@Greeneyedlady21  If she is, it's far too little and far too late.

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Pure entitlement. I felt so badly for that young girl who won. Yes Serena talked to the crowd about stopping booing etc but even that “this is her first grand slam let her enjoy the Moment” statement was as demeaning. A little too late. 

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@Krimpette, I agree.  A young woman who should have been in the spotlight has been pushed aside by the poor antics of a sore loser who acted like she was entitled.  What a shame for both.

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 If Serena wants to be an idol to all women, it's time for her to stand up like the strong woman she is and announce her retirement. I can only see this getting worse. You can only retain your youth so long and she's had her run, there are younger women coming along.


I imagine there are too many ppl on the "Serena Williams Gravy Train" convincing her she's as strong and vital as she always was, I doubt if it's all about her. 

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I guess to be a good role  model you have to be gracious and accept what comes.  Problem here she might not be remembered for her talent but for her rant.  Over time I think I would rather be remembered for what I did right.  

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I just read that this umpire also accused Venus of a coaching violation at the 2016 French Open. She told him she would never tell a coach to do that and that she had never had a coaching violation in her entire career.


So I don't know if this particular umpire is fixated on that issue. It would just be interesting to find out how many other players have been involved in that situation with him.

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Okay, the outburst was ugly.  There is no denying that, plus it ruined the sweet moment of victory of the young competitor.




1.  New mom who had post-partum problems, right?  Hormones are probably still raging all over the place.


2.  She returns to an arena she has dominated for ages and feels the keenest desire to triumph again. That sort of pressure is something additional to make her endocrine system go crazy.  It is hard enough to return to the office after giving birth, but you can "lie low" for a while as you regain your strength and traction.  To be in one of the most ferociously competitive arenas around, though.  Oh my, I could/would not have done that.


It would be better not to look at other issues such as race and entitlement, etc.,  and approach this spontaneous combustion outburst as something that took over her natural system.  It was a confluence of a lot of bad stuff at that moment.


My idea could be accurate even if you do not want or like this explanation.

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Billie Jean King supports Serena after US Open out burst. That's good enough people. S___ism exists in this sport.