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Friends do not always tell friends everything. 💕
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I still don't see why anyone thinks it is rude or not good upbringing to have separate checks.   Seriously?


Putting ANY friend in a financial bind because they are paying for food and alcohol they didn't order is just .... rude and very bad manners.   Not to mention very unkind. 

If any of my friends were in that kind of financial bind, we would simply pick up the check. I would never go to anyplace that my friends could not afford. That's the thing about friends, we talk to each other openly.

Talking about personal matters such as financial position is not easy for many.  To think that all your friends are always speaking openly all the time is silly.  There have been times that money has been tight.  Friends want to go out together, I will scrimp somewhere else so I can spend time with them....I will order within my budget.  To ask me to pay more to cover part of your bill is rude, to have you pay for mine because you think I can't is insulting.




ITA, Daisy.  To assume anyone's friends will always tell you everything about their finances is ... just unrealistic.