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Agreed, @golding76 ,  he always struck me as a very fine kind of American.  I love that plucky spirit, the noncomplaining "just getting on with things", whatever the setbacks. 


I imagine those long hours face down, paralyzed, near death, in a foreign killing field, were just a part of the many-faceted process of forming that kind of character...


In an interveiw he gave at age 97,  soon after his late stage lung cancer diagnosis apparently, he was willing to discuss some of his many and crushing physical limitations.  I love that he acknowledged those, but at 97,  casually and cheerfully mentioned the positive side of the ledger too--  "and I have all my marbles".   Yes he did, to the end.      

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He among others worked for the establishment of the WWII memorial in DC.


When we visited this we searched for some sort of acknowledgment to his efforts. We found a very small placque (12x6" maybe) displayed in the ground in a small garden area. 

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An honorable man with integrity. May history remember him as such.
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Thank you, Sir, for your service to our country and for being an honorable statesman.


Another of the "good guys" is gone.


Rest in peace.