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Where I live high shool gets picked up at around 7:30, middle school at 8 and k thru 5 at 8:30.

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The bus comes for my high schooler at 6:44, middle schooler at 7:37 and elementary kids at 8:16.  I spend a lot of time getting kids out the door in the morning.


Hubby leaves for work at 5:50.

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I don't that scheduled ever existed where I live.  It would be unworkable for the vast majority of families with school age children.  

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The Junior High and High School here start at 7:30, so kids are out wiating for the bus starting at 6:30-ish while it's pitch black out. I think it's far too early and really sad. School should not start before 8:00 a.m.

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In Miami-Dade, Florida, this topic is on the School Board agenda right now. The proposal is to change school starting time 

Currently, seniors start at 7:20, middle at 9:10, kdgn and 1st 8:20 and 2-5 at 8:35.


Suggested changes are 8:00 for elementary, 8:30 for middle, 9:30 for seniors or

9:30 middle, 8:30 senior.


Positive - no one waiting or walking in the dark, more sleep

Negative - affects after school activities and jobs, rush hour traffic, hard for parents


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Around here they have a two tier system so they only have to maintain half the number of drivers and buses.  Have early or late schools.  Roll of the dice.

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Many years ago, I caught the bus at 7:40 and class started at 8:30.   I rode late bus in the evening and didn’t get home until 4:10.  


My girls caught the bus at 6:50; this was still a late run, so it was after 4:00 when they got home as well.  


Now, only 4 school age child live on this stretch of road; 3 on the upper side, and 1 at the next house past me.   I have no idea who they are, as we are the last “old” family on this end with one left on the upper end.   



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I know the high schoolers in our neighborhood are at the bus Stop by 640am......School starts at 715am...Super early...But the Elementary students don't leave until about 730am, so that is better for them.....640am is early though and very dark....... 

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Maybe that bus was for the high school kids. They normally start the earliest. At least here anyway. I do feel bad for the kids having to go so early though. I used to drive my kids, so they could have a little extra time at home and with me. 

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The bus in the dark I mentioned before is for grade school little ones. Bus stops at their house both pick up and drop off. There are very few kids in the neighborhood.