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I hadn't been aware, but it seems some of these vintage pieces are getting scarce. I've always been a fan of Pyrex bakeware and cookware, and still have many old pieces. Not surprisingly, you can't beat the vintage glass--Corning originally used it to make railroad lanterns, so it was indestructible. Also not surprisingly, the newer pyrex products aren't of the same quality (don't know if this is also the case with Anchor Hocking, also a once-great American company).

Anyway, we stopped by a yard sale during a Sunday drive, and a woman was looking for a 9" Pyrex pie plate, presumably an old one, as I've seen the current crop in many stores. She said she was from PA and had scoured her area to no avail, and was determined to grab whatever vintage Pyrex came her way.

So you can be sure I'll be hanging onto my things. I like them, anyway. That's all that matters, as I'm not into collecting.


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