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SS Disability - What can you tell me?

DH just went to his dr. and he feels he would be a candidate for SS Disability. As some of you here know from my prior postings, DH lost his job a little over a month ago. He was sick and in the hospital for a few days and when he was released, his employer terminated him. DH does have several on-going medical problems but never allowed them to interfere with him job. But, any way, this is another whole issue.

What I would like to ask --- anyone who has applied and/or received benefits, what have your experiences been? How long has it taken you to receive it? How do they determine how much you receive? Also, I heard that you can also get medical coverage --- does this naturally occur once you apply for disability or is this a separate process?

I thank you for your information and input. This has all been very upsetting and confusing for us.

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