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@skatting44  When I stopped at my local CVS yesterday. there was a new large storage building in their parking lot.   I am hoping that means they are readying to accept a huge supply and get busy.


I didn't ask because just Friday morning, I scored an appointment at my local Publix pharmacy for shot 1, but I know my Florida county still needs thousands of doses to make any dent in our needs.

 My Aunt is waiting for ShopRite in NJ  near her home. She has her Granddaughter  putting her name on lists electronically . She apparently has her name on the NJ State site  but she says she has not been given an appointment . She prefers not to go to the Atlantic City convention center  because of the crime in Atlantic City .

@skatting44 where does your aunt live in NJ?   Try


this is a group of tech savvy teens who started the service helping grandparents & friends.  They are in Westfield but have taken on all counties & have been very successful getting appointments for me and my friends.  You indicate where you are willing to travel to. 


 Thanks, appreciate it. Am waiting to hear back from my cousin to see what avenues t she has initiated and have followed up on.  I need to work on my Aunt to get her to agree to get the vaccine no matter the location in her immediate area.