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They say starting this Wednesday ,60 to 69 vaccines start!!!






You are such a young lady. From your writings on this Bulletin Board, I thought you were closer to my age.


Know you were/are hankering for your vaccine, looks like it's getting closer for you. Don't forget to less us know your vaccine date. Now that J&J has been approved, maybe you will only need 1 shot!





Thanks, i turned 69 this past december, i so want this vaccine.


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They just lowered ours to 55+ can get their shots in Arizona.



Arizona announced another leap forward in its vaccination calendar Monday, opening eligibility at two state-run sites for anyone 55 years of age or older.

The lowered age eligibility is an extension from the 65 and older eligibility group in priority 1B.

The Arizona Department of Health Services is opening 50,000 appointments at State Farm Stadium in Glendale and Phoenix Municipal Stadium at noon Tuesday for the new group.

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In Arizona they make the second appointment after you get the first shot. At least that's how State Farm Stadium is doing it. 30 minutes start to finish both times.

Yes, that's how it should be.


We both got ours at Walgreen's.

And though we feel fortunate to have received our 1st, we wish they would of made the 2nd appointment.


I got mine the first day Walgreens were giving them.

  I was 2nd person, they were just starting to put their signs up for check in.

My husband was on stand-by, and got his 2 days later.


The employees response is, "Just keep trying".


Our Walgreen's is about a mile away.

We got our two vaccines at site run by the County of Los Angeles. When you sign up on line, you are given two dates. I think is the way it should be. I did not want any possibility of not getting the second one in time.


Of course, there is always the possibility of some unforeseen problem. If fact, that did happen to the the LA City sites, when there were a couple days' delay due to the weather situation in parts of the country.

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I'm 71. Am on multiple lists.  Nothing to be found in Pa.  

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That's why these vaccine threads are a bit worthless. Folks please check with your local health departments to see what the guidelines are for your area...SMH
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Our governor, changed prioritzing front line workers,to age groups now.

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Just received an email from Walgreens.


My 2nd Moderna vaccine - March 12.


(No time though)

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I'm 71. Am on multiple lists.  Nothing to be found in Pa.  

Yep for sure.  Presently, PA is considering giving teachers priority for vaccines and placing them in phase 1A.


Trying to get vaccine appointments here in parts of PA is pathetic.  Even huge vaccine events in the stadiums get filled up within hours.

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In NJ, it can be tough getting the vaccine.  Though we are expecting more vaccine, the categories will widen 3/15 & 3/29 so supply/demand may even be greater.  I finally got dose #1 yesterday and return 3/24 for dose #2.  

it took a great deal of work but a wonderful group of tech savvy teens in N. Jersey started a service connecting seniors to vaccine appointments.  I even got a follow up all from a sweet young lady.  They started after getting appointments for their grand parents and their friends.  They are highly successful. 

if in NJ, seniors only, as 65 or over are being vaccinated here, try: 

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@Camile1936  When I stopped at my local CVS yesterday. there was a new large storage building in their parking lot.   I am hoping that means they are readying to accept a huge supply and get busy.


I didn't ask because just Friday morning, I scored an appointment at my local Publix pharmacy for shot 1, but I know my Florida county still needs thousands of doses to make any dent in our needs.

 My Aunt is waiting for ShopRite in NJ  near her home. She has her Granddaughter  putting her name on lists electronically . She apparently has her name on the NJ State site  but she says she has not been given an appointment . She prefers not to go to the Atlantic City convention center  because of the crime in Atlantic City .

@Camile1936 where does your aunt live in NJ?   Try


this is a group of tech savvy teens who started the service helping grandparents & friends.  They are in Westfield but have taken on all counties & have been very successful getting appointments for me and my friends.  You indicate where you are willing to travel to.